Wonder Drop for Beautiful Lashes is Careprost Serum


What exactly is Careprost? Both the structure and the action of the medications Latisse and Genuine Careprost, which are nothing more than a sterile solution of bimatoprost, are completely similar. Then why is Latisse only marketed as an eyelash-growth product? The fact that Allergan was granted a patent on a single cosmetic use with a … Read more

4 Ayurvedic Medicine for Thyroid: Causes and Prevention

Ayurvedic Medicine for thyroid

You are going to read one of the best articles for ayurvedic medicine for thyroid. We as a Human species used to consume fruits, berries, meat, etc, and used to travel by foot wherever we go. Today we eat processed food, Hybrid fruits, etc, and travel by vehicle even for short distances. We even have … Read more

Rash After Surgery: Diagnosis, Causes, and Treatment

Rash After Surgery

There are many patients in this world who suffer from serious diseases which need surgery for a complete cure. Surgery is a medical procedure in which it deals with some unwanted growth of the body or the infection that causes dysfunction of the organs. In layman’s terms, surgery means curtailing into the body to cure … Read more

9 Unbelievable Benefits of Shikakai For Your Hair

Benefits of Shikakai

Everyone has a desire that their hair condition should prevail in decent condition. In the generation of chemicals, finding something that could help the hair to rebuild its structure can be very much difficult. Every product that is manufactured is chemically involved. The product which the consumer deals with promised that the commodity will give … Read more

How to Remove Dark Circles Full Details

How to remove dark circles

   HOW TO REMOVE DARK CIRCLES NATURALLY            If you are also suffering from dark circles your favourite question must be How to Remove Dark Circles? Dark circles as we all know are dark spherical spots beneath your eyes. They happen when the skin beneath the eyes appears darkened. Vitamin deficiencies, in particular … Read more


How to increase fertility for women

TIPS TO INCREASE FERTILITY IN WOMEN After intending to have a child, most of the women are very excited and eager to get pregnant but it can’t occur suddenly. Then the first question that comes to mind is how to increase fertility for women. Some time is required to begin the process of pregnancy. The … Read more

How to gain weight fast?

Weight gain

How to Gain Weight Fast?

People in all over the world are very conscious about their weight and fitness. Skinny people always feel embarrassed when people judge their fitness and questioned their health by seeing their weight. It makes them feel offended and embarrassed due to which their confidence and self-esteem decreases day by day. Maintaining weight is also important for our health as we all know — “Health is wealth”  as it lowers the risk of deadliest diseases. Gaining weight can be a difficult task and takes a lot of struggle.

Being underweight give rise to many problems. The main reason of underweight is malnutrition that is lack of nutrients in diet or due to genetic problems. Weighing too little can weakened immune system and bones. Person can check whether he /she is underweight or overweight by using BMI (body mass index) calculator. If body mass index is below 18.5 it indicates that person is underweight. BMI is calculated based on person’s weight and height. Person who is underweight is having risk of lower life span as they may suffer some serious diseases. That’s why, it is necessary for people or even recommended by doctor that people who are underweight need to gain weight as soon as possible as being underweight is a sign of an unhealthy person.
This article provides tips for gaining weight in a healthy and safely manner.

Weight gain

Different ways to achieve your weight gain goals :

(i) Through consuming multi-nutrient food.
(ii) By consuming supplements.
(iii) Regularly doing exercises.

Foods To Gain Weight Quickly

To make your weight gain efforts more effective ,you should eat nutritious that is high calorie food in your diet. At least, you have to take more calories than your maintenance calorie. Following are the food which are rich in nutrients for gaining weight : —

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Calories for Weight Loss

calories to loose weight

Calories for Weight Loss Before following any advice blindly for weight loss. You must be well awared with calories concept that I have described in this article. Amount of daily calorie intake is the deciding factor for the fate of your weight loss.  What is Maintenance Calorie? Maintenance calorie is the amount of calorie that … Read more

Anatomical Terminology

planes of body

Anatomical Terminology Before getting into the depth of anatomy, getting familiar with basic anatomical terminologies is must. Besides that, it also helps to know the exact position of structures, also if one doctor wants to communicate with another doctor regarding any diagnosis that usually requires multi-specialist Knowing the exact sites of structures is necessary. Therefore, … Read more