5 Best Home Remedies for Cough

home remedy for cough

Cough is the natural way of clearing foreign unwanted particles of our body from respiratory passage. But if cough lasts long it can be annoying and painful. Treatment  of long lasting cough depends on its cause. Given below are the five best effective home remedies for cough. Cause of chronic cough can be the symptoms of many underlying diseases like asthma, TB, pneumonia, COPD, etc. In addition to treatment these  diseases need very accurate wellness diet plan by a certified dietitian.

1. Mixture of Ginger juice and Honey

remedy for cough

Ginger is used from ancient times as remedy for cough it has anti-inflammatory properties and proves helpful in many others conditions also.

Procedure- Take peeled ginger, extract its liquid and heat it, after slightly cooling add equal amount of honey then take this mixture one tea spoon thrice a day.

Precaution – Don’t dink water after taking this mixture, also never heat honey as it will loose its precious properties.

2. Mixture of Holy Basil leaves juice, Ginger juice and Honey

medic addicted cough remedy

Holy Basil Leaves also known as tulsi is used to treat variety of conditions like cough, cold, flu, etc. It proves very fruitful in respiratory disorders. Its liquid extract when mixed with ginger juice and honey is used widely in persistent cough. If you can’t find tulsi (holy basil) juice you can get fresh quality tulsi ark by clicking the button just below the procedure

Procedure- Heat the mixture of holy basil juice and ginger juice and do the remaining steps and mentioned in above remedy and same dose. 

3. Prepare Trikatu Churna (Powder)

Prepare powdered combination of kali mirch (Piper nigrum), pipali (Piper longum), and dry ginger (Zingiber officinale) in 1:1:1 ratio commonly known as Trikatu Churna. This remedy is quite tough to prepare, in ayurveda this mixture is commonly known as Trikatu Powder. This mixture is available in the market also get it from the button below on the basis of your preferred location.

Procedure – Prepare 1 gram powder of each with honey and take it twice a day.. 

4. Combination of Pomegranate juice and ginger juice.

cough remedy medic addicted

prepare the juice of pomegranate, volume of juice should be 100ml and then add 20 ml ginger juice. It should be taken twice a day , this remedy is for mild cough.

5. Always drink hot fluids.

cough remedy medic addicted

drink hot water by blow till you get burp.(try it once it works even for long lasting cough) perform this twice a day. 

Next thing one can try is boil clove in hot water and use it as drinking water.

Note: These tips are not meant to substitute the expert advice of a doctor. Please talk to your physician for proper diagnosis and medication.

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