5 Most Effective Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles

Know The Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Piles

Before directly running into herbal medicine for piles we will look perspective of Ayurveda so that you can choose the best medicines for your body type.

Ayurvedic Medicine for piles

What are Piles or Hemorrhoids?

 The generic name of piles is hemorrhoids. We all know that having piles is a very painful and hurtful disease for any individual. Generally, this disease is caused by inflamed and swollen veins around the lower rectum and or anus of the diseased person.

There are two types of piles. The first one is external piles which form on the skin around the anus and the second one is internal piles which are formed in the lining on the lower rectum. Piles are a common disease that is found in both genders.

What is the main cause of Piles?

The cause of piles differs in every individual. It is caused by the pressure produced in our lower rectum or anus. It can also affect the flow of blood and swelling in veins. It can happen due to lifting extra weight if you are pregnant. If you do hard physical exercises like lifting and pressing heavy things, you might suffer from piles.
Health conditions like long-lasting constipation and upset stomach are enough to exaggerate piles. Piles are most common in overweight individuals so also focus on reducing weight.

What are the symptoms of piles?

There are many symptoms and signs that may include painful bleeding during bowel movements. You might notice a small amount of light red blood on your toilet tissue or toilet pot. And then you feel irritation and itching in your lower rectum region. You definitely feel pain and swelling around your lower rectum region which is really sensitive.

If you have external piles doctor can simply looking and test for it but in internal piles, doctors may have a deep examination in your anal canal and inside your lower rectum. Generally, external piles can be sensed by touching as they form lumps just outside the anus.

What does Ayurveda say about piles?

Ayurveda has classified piles in “Arsha” which means something that obstructs the anus. Eating and modern-day lifestyle are the main causes for inducing piles as per Ayurveda. It focuses on balancing the three primaries Dosha Vata, Pitta, and Cough. The most important reason for getting piles is less fiber and water content in the body.

Only ayurvedic medicine for piles is sufficient if you are in the earliest stages of piles. But in grade 3 and grade 4 piles, in addition to ayurvedic medicine for piles, you will have to go for a famous surgical procedure in Ayurveda for piles which is Khsara Sutra. Do not get confused between surgery of piles in allopathy (modern medicine) and Khsara Sutra. Only an Ayurvedic practitioner can perform Khsara Sutra and it has a high curing rate.  There are lots of ayurvedic medicines available in the market. So we can give a walkthrough on ayurvedic medicine for piles.

Ayurvedic Medicine for piles

1. Dabur pilochek tablet

Ingredients – haritaki, svarnapatri, nimba, trivrit, etc.


Dabur is the biggest pharmaceutical company without any doubt. There are lots of products made in this company. Dabur makes many ayurvedic, medicinal, and beauty products in which chemical quantity is very low. Therefore no adverse effects of its products. From its products, pilochek tablet is one of the best products for the treatment of piles. This medicine is available in the form of tablets and gel at the very lowest price.

Benefits of  dabur pilochek tablet

Dabur pilochek is used to cure piles. Generally, Piles are of two types: internal and external. If you cannot cure this problem at the earliest stage then it’s a really hurtful and painful disease for human beings. Pilochek tablets control the pain and swelling in your lower rectum and because of their ingredients are herbal, it cannot show any side effects on your body.

Precautions of dabur pilochek tablet

There are no adverse effects of these tablets because It is an ayurvedic tablet so you can take very few precautions before taking these medicines. If you already suffer from any other diseases, you can consult your physician about these issues because everyone’s health conditions are different so according to your physician’s suggestion you can take these tablets.

Dosage information

Your doctor can recommend the dosage of these tablets according to your health condition, so you can take it accordingly. But the general dose is 2 tablets twice a day. You can easily purchase these tablets from any medical store or online platform. You can also buy it from Dabur’s website at an affordable price. You can get one bottle of tablets with free shipping.

2. Himalaya pilex tablets

Ingredients – mesua ferrea, terminalia chebula, terminalia belerica etc.


Himalaya is also a famous company for ayurvedic, medicinal, and beauty products. Himalaya also makes lots of ayurvedic products in which chemical components are not available. So Himalaya pilex is one of the products of Himalaya which is used for the treatment of piles. Himalaya pilex is available in the form of both ointment and tablets. It is suggested to use both for better results.

Benefits of Himalaya pilex tablets

Himalaya pilex tablets are used in treatment of piles. As you know, piles are very very painful diseases for human beings. These tablets also control the pain and bleeding from anus of human beings. And himalaya pilex tablets are 100% ayurvedic medicine, so you cannot see any adverse effects in your body.

Precautions of himalaya pilex tablets

These tablets are ayurvedic so you can see very few side effects of these medicines. You can gain information about these tablets from experts. Don’t take this if you cannot have proper knowledge about these tablets. You can consult your doctor about taking these tablets.

Dosage information

You can take dosage according to your health condition. Generally suggested dose is 2 tablets before an hour of dinner. These medicines are packed in a bottle in which 60 tablets are available in the market. You can easily purchase it from any medical store or online platform. You can also buy it from amazon and any other trustable websites with free shipping.

3. Baidyanath pirrhoids tablets

Ingredients – khus, giloy satva, nagkeshar, bol, praval pishti, etc


Baidyanath is the biggest ayurvedic company of India after Patanjali. All the products of baidyanath ayurvedic are 100% Herbal. Because of ayurvedic products, there are lots of customers who can purchase them without any doubt. Baidyanath is one of the most demandable brands in the ayurvedic field. Pirrhoids tablets are used in the treatment of piles and constipation. These products are available in tablet form.

Benefits of baidyanath pirrhoids tablets

Pirrhoids tablets are more beneficial than other tablets. Pirrhoids tablets defend you from operation of piles and help in controlling pain and swelling from the anus. This is an ayurvedic medicine so we cannot get any side effects of baidyanath pirrhoids tablets.

Precautions of baidyanath pirrhoids tablets

There are no side effects of using these tablets. Only you can take all the information about these medicines from your doctor. Without any knowledge don’t take these tablets otherwise you will take the wrong doses of these tablets.

 Dosage information

You can take your dosage according to your doctor’s recommendations. The normal recommendation is 1 to 2 tablets twice daily. These medicines are packed in a plastic bottle that contains 50 tablets. You can buy it easily from any nearby medical stores.

4. Patanjali divya arshakalp

 Ingredients – nimoli,  kapoordesi, makoy, ghritkumari, bakayan etc.


Patanjali is one of the fastest-growing ayurvedic companies. Patanjali is among one of the popular ayurvedic companies in India. The products of Patanjali are more famous than other companies. These tablets are used in the strong treatment of piles. This product of Patanjali is available in the form of tablets.

Benefits of patanjali divya arshakalp

Divya arshakalp is also beneficial for patients who are irritated with piles. If they consume these tablets consistently then they feel the benefits of taking these medicines. This medicine is also beneficial for the purification of blood and digestion problems. There are no side effects of using this because of its pure ayurvedic ingredients.

 Precautions of Patanjali Divya Arshakalp

There are no side effects of taking these tablets. But you can take recommendations from your doctor. Doctor gives you all the information about these tablets. Your doctor can give you the proper dosage of these medicines.

Dosage information

Recommendation of 1 to 2 tablets twice daily on empty stomach. You can purchase it from your nearby Patanjali stores and medical stores. The tablet is packed in a plastic bottle that contains 80 tablets. You can also purchase it from online platforms like amazon.

5. Dabur triphala churna

Ingredients – haritaki, amalaki, bibhitaki, etc.


There are many companies available who make Triphala churna. But Dabur is a worldwide company. And it is famous for its good products because of their ingredients quality. So experts also recommend Dabur Triphala Churna. These products are available in the form of powder.

Benefits of dabur triphala churna

Dabur triphala churna is a best ayurvedic medicine for patients who are affected with piles, constipation, respiratory problems, and intestine problems. It’s beneficial for those who consume this churna according to the doctor’s recommendations. Triphala churna is also used in diabetic control, dental problems, hair, and acne-related problems.

Precautions of dabur triphala churna

There are no side effects of using this triphala churna. But if taken in extra dose you may suffer from loose motion. It is 100% ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of piles. You can take it according to the doctor’s suggestion. And you can consume original churna of dabur or from any reputed company. Your doctor provides you with a proper dosage recommendation.

Dosage information

Dosage of triphala churna depends upon your age and your current health condition.For general dose mix 6 to 7 gm powder in hot water and drink it on empty stomach. The Triphala churna is packed in a plastic bottle which contains 500 gm Churna powder. You can purchase it easily from any medical store and online platforms.


Consult your physician before using any above-mentioned medicines. Also do not take all medicines at all just select one tablet and ointment this is enough for low-grade piles management. Piles can be controlled by changing lifestyle to great extent.


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