8 Unbelievable Benefits of Banana Face Mask

 Did you ever think that a banana can prove your beauty expert? Of course not. But have you ever listed the benefits of banana face mask? If not, then you should indeed read this article till the end. 

Benefits of Banana Face mask

There are so many advantages to this face mask. It will make your baby’s skin smooth with the help of some good ingredients. Bananas get packed with Vitamin A, B, B1, C, and potassium also. All these work to radiate your skin naturally. 

What is your skin type? No matter where you can find something for everyone. Take up your notes and checklist the benefits of a banana face mask. 

Benefits of banana face mask 

It’s fully blended with natural ingredients. Hence, all people can surely enjoy its benefits with skin. You can consider the following services. 

1. Vitamin A 

Bananas have the highest amount of Vitamin A or retinol presence. Hence, all people can tackle dark faces with dark spots under the eye. Also, it can remove the sun tanning easily. Are you facing the issue of a rare skin condition? If yes, then regular application of a banana face mask can reduce it too much. 

2. Vitamin B6 

Banana is rich in Vitamin B6. Hence, it can deliver you many antioxidant properties naturally. Using it, one can reduce the aging symptoms. It keeps the skin supple for a longer time.

Antioxidants can improve the healing process in your skin. Therefore even if you have gained aging, then a banana face mask can create magic on it. Within no time, you will observe glowing skin without acne. 

3. Vitamin E 

Harsh sun exposure can create skin issues in people. Isn’t it? You might also suffer from the same. Right! A banana face mask can strengthen the protective layer of skin. You can consider it similar to sunscreen. Thus, you can reduce the brown patches issues. 

4. Potassium 

Why does your skin get a dry texture? Have you thought about it? It’s because of the deficiency of potassium in the skin. Bananas prove a great source of potassium. You can prefer to eat the banana. Or else apply a topping of banana face mask to get an effective result faster. It will make your hydrating, soft and smooth. 

Did you already know such applicable benefits of banana face masks? Or else you get to learn something new from this article. Please comment down and share your thoughts. 

5. For pimples, scat, and blemishes 

Random breakouts in the schedule can make you feel sleepless sometimes. It results in acne. But now, you can fight it with the help of a banana face mask. Also, you can add the benefits of turmeric into it. 

Banana has all-natural properties to remove all dirt and oil, and grimes. Turmeric gets down with antibacterial properties. It will allow one to win the battle against bacteria.

How to prepare a Banana face mask for pimples? 

Take one banana, one spoon of turmeric, and one-third of yogurt in a bowl. After this, apply it to your face and leave it for some time. This mask can help one to fight pimples and acne.

Mind well that you don’t have to use this mask more than three times a week. 

6. For dark spots 

Bananas can lighten your dark spots naturally. Also, one can visualize getting their skin tone brighter. How cool? You can also use honey, lemon for more benefits. Love can repair the skin. However, the lemon has vitamin C that can brighten your skin. Gradually you will lose all dark spots. All three combinations will make your skin even tone and glowing. 

How to prepare a banana face mask for dark spots? 

Take a teaspoon of lemon, a banana, and honey in a pot. Mix it well. Apply a thick coat of it on the face and neck also. Relax with the mask for about 10 minutes. Lastly, rinse it with cold water.

You can only use this mask twice every week. 

7. For brighter and glowing skin 

You might have seen earlier that bananas can reduce skin issues and make it brighter. It has the presence of Vitamin E and C naturally. Therefore one can get clear, glowing skin. Milk can give light, exfoliating skin. Also, the addition of rose water uplifts the benefits too much. It’s an ultimate mask that will reduce all your issues with your skin. 

How to prepare it? 

It would help if you took a banana. Add raw milk, honey, and rose water into this mixture.

You can use this mask two times a week, but not more than this. 

8. For dry skin 

Bananas and avocados can give you the best hydrating benefits to the skin. Honey present in this mixture can lock the moisture. 

It will reduce the cracked and flaky skin issues.

How to prepare banana mask for dry skin? 

Mash down a banana and avocado in a bowl. Enumerate a spoon of honey. Apply it on the face for 20 minutes. 

One can also add a few drops of olive oil if preferable to get more nourishing. 

FAQs Related to Banana Face Mask: 

1. Can a banana face mask suit old-aged people?

 Ans. Yes, of course. You can apply the coat of any of the masks mentioned in this article. It will give your face natural and healthier skin benefits. 

2. Can I reduce the acne and dark spots from the skin? 

Ans. Yes, you can reduce the acne and dark spots with the help of a banana face mask. You can choose the particular face mask as above. It will help in all directions. 

3. How many times can I apply the banana face mask? 

Ans. You can apply the banana face mask about twice a week. Don’t apply it more times. It’s because your skin needs to adjust to a new tone. Therefore it needs some time to get settled. 


Have you gone through all the face masks mentioned in this article? Which one of them gets down as your favorite one? Please comment down and share your reviews. Hope you now have understood all the benefits of the banana face mask. So when are you starting to apply? 


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