9 Unbelievable Benefits of Shikakai For Your Hair

Everyone has a desire that their hair condition should prevail in decent condition. In the generation of chemicals, finding something that could help the hair to rebuild its structure can be very much difficult. Every product that is manufactured is chemically involved. The product which the consumer deals with promised that the commodity will give an effective result. But the final result which the consumer gets is different. So, switching the chemical product into an ayurvedic one is not a bad idea. So, in this article one of the herbs of our primary attention is Shikakai and Benefits of Shikakai.

Benefits of Shikakai


So, in this article, we will know about the shikakai, which is known as the natural cleanser for hair. It is an ayurvedic medicine for hair that can be used as hair shampoo as well as a hair conditioner. The botanical name of shikakai is ACACIA CONCINNA. Shikakai is a plant-based ascending shrub that is generally found in Asia and aboriginal to China. This plant can be grown in the home whether the soil is neutral or acidic. It can withstand both the soil condition. This plant requires an excessive water supply.

Reasons why we should use Shikakai for hair? – Benefits Of Shikakai

Shikakai is known for its best quality towards the hair. So here we will know the reasons why we should use shikakai for hair.

1. Make the hair smooth and shiny:

Shikakai is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C. Vitamin E helps to regain its smoothness. Shikakai also contains saponins that help hair restore its shine. It also helps to remove all the dirt from the hair scalp.

2. Impedes dry or rough scalp:

One of the components of the shikakai is vitamin C which provides a cooling effect to the scalp. Having a dry scalp can reduce hair growth. By using shikakai, one can get rid of the rough scalp. Shikakai incites sebum secretion which helps the growth of the hair.

3. Eliminates dandruff from the scalp:

Dandruff is the most common problem among people. Sometimes, it becomes nearly impossible to deal with it. The cause for dandruff differs from person to person. In some cases, it is due to the infection caused by a fungus which is called Malassezia. In some people, it occurs due to the dry scalp, and poor shampooing technique. The most trusted remedy for this problem is to use shikakai. The shikakai has anti-fungal properties which can help to treat dandruff and hence eliminating dandruff proves to be one of the famous benefits of shikakai.

4. Acts as active extricate for frizzy hair:

Different people have different types of hair volume, length, and condition. Some people are blessed with straight and frizz-free from birth and some people used frizz-free chemical shampoo which makes the condition of the hair even worse. Shikakai makes the hair smooth from all the detailed hair. Make the hair shiny and smooth in nature. Using shikakai in curly hair can boost hair growth.

5. Uplift the extension of hair:

Hair loss is the most common symptom of chronic problems. For example cancer, thyroid, pcod/ PCOS. There are many treatments available that are expensive and has many side effects. Using shikakai can help to nutrify the scalp and help to boost hair growth. It is easily available in the market and the cost is less.

6. Stave off the lice from hair:

Out of 3 people, 1 person suffers from hair lice. Even the people staying in one house suffer from hair lice which can be contagious. Its presence feels gross and itchy in feeling. By using shikakai, will help to eradicate hair lice and will help to get rid of itchiness.

7. Prevents split ends of hair:

Today’s generation is more concerned about fashion and styles which can make their look even more stylish. But as the coin has two faces, similarly this fashion has one disadvantage. It can cause split ends to the hair by using of hair dryer, straightener, and curler. The solution to this problem is to cut the hair and continuous use of shikakai in the form of shampoo and oil. And hope that the hair would not get split ends anymore.

8. Act as natural hair shampoo and conditioner:

Shikakai is well known for its cleansing properties which can make hair smooth and shiny. Shikakai is a natural cleanser that doesn’t contain any harsh soap chemicals. Nowadays products are selling in the name of shikakai which contains harsh chemicals that will the hair dry and rough. Shikakai helps to clean all the dirt and oil which are present in the hair scalp. After cleaning with shikakai, the result can be seen as smooth and shiny.

9. Help to get rid of the itchy scalp:

Itchy scalp occurs due to dandruff, hair lice, dry scalp, accumulation of dirt in the scalp. These all factors can affect the volume of the hair as well as the length of the hair. Shikakai will help to release the sebum which enables hair growth. Shikakai has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties help to eradicate the factors that cause the problem.

These are the reason why should we prefer natural over chemical. Now we have to learn that in what form we can use shikakai. Mainly shikakai is well known for its cleansing properties. So, it can be used as shampoo, conditioner as well as hair oil. So, these were the benefits of shikakai.

How to use Shikakai as a shampoo?

Shikakai is known for its cleansing properties for removing dirt and dandruff from the hair. Shikakai has one advantage that it doesn’t take natural drizzle from hair. Shampoo can be made by soaking shikakai seeds into the water to which reetha must be added. Fenugreek seeds and amla should be added to that bowl of water. Soak it for a night and then boil it till all the ingredients become soft. The water should be strain and can be used as a natural shampoo for all the difficulties that the hair is facing.

How to make shikakai hair oil?

Making oil at home is the best solution for hair fall, dandruff. These all problems can be solved at home only. By not spending a lot of money on the treatment of the hair. It is the easiest method to make hair oil shikakai at home. The ingredients of hair oil are almond oil, coconut oil, and shikakai powder. Boil it and pour it into a glass bottle. Before using the oil, shake it properly and keep it in the sunlight for 8-10 days.

How to make shikakai powder at home?

Making shikakai powder at home is not a very difficult process. The main ingredient you have to keep is shikakai seeds and a proper amount of sunlight that will help the seed to dry. Take a proper amount of shikakai seeds which should be moisture free and the optional ingredients are shikakai leaves and barks. Dried them up in the sunlight for 3-4 days.

Grind them up. And the powder is ready to use. This process can be cost-effective and will be useful for the body. This powder can be less expensive and will be organic as it is made at home.

Other medical benefits of shikakai are mentioned below:

Shikakai doesn’t have only advantages for hair. It can cure medical effects as well. Some of the disorders that shikakai can cure are mentioned below.

  • Constipation:

Shikakai has a very good nature of removing stool from a constipated state. Help to treat the abdominal cramp which gives a lot of abdominal pain. Shikakai helps to improve the absorption of food and help the stool movement in the body.

 All you have to do is soak the shikakai in the water and drink it regularly.

  • Beneficial for oral cavity:

As we all know that maintaining oral hygiene is very much important because it can create many problems which can be serious and infectious to other organs also. As shikakai has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties so it can prevent dental caries and oral candidiasis and many other infections.

By doing mouth wash every day 2 times with shikakai( which was boiled)  in it can help prevent gum inflammation and dental caries.

  • Get relief from skin infection:

In today’s world skin infection is most common. Either it can be bacterial infection or fungal infection. The most common method through which the infection occurs is water. These days the water is found contaminated in the majority of places. Shikakai has anti-microbial properties which can help to rid bacterial as well as fungal infection.

All you have to do is mix the shikakai powder with almond powder, honey, and turmeric. This home remedy can be very much beneficial to the infection site and will provide a coolness effect. This remedy will also act as a scrub that can be used on every alternate day for glowing and healthy skin.


As shikakai is a natural fruit that is very useful for every part of the body.You just read all the health benefits of shikakai. But its main effect is to clean the hair as a shampoo, conditioner as well as oil and make the hair shiny and smooth forever. Using chemical-involved shampoo can be sometimes dangerous for the hair which we want to be nourished. So take the decision wisely about what to choose.

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