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About Us

Welcome To Medic Addicted

We are dedicated to provide you best health care contents through this website. Our all contents are written or checked by medical expertise of their field.

Our team members consists the expertise of following fields:
1. Dietitian
2. Yoga Coach/expert
3. Multi-specialist Doctors.

Disclaimer: Even though our writers are expertise of their field, we recommend you to first consult your doctor before using any kind of medication.

Established in 2020 by Atul Mishra and Medic Addicted Team.

Hi, Dear Readers

As the name MEDIC ADDICTED gives rise to two philosophy first one is medico’s addicted and second one is medicine addicted. First word directs to help all medicos or students who are pursuing any kind of medical degree and later one is for the seekers of quality health care content.

Our Mission

To  provide incredible health care information to needy ones. Our contents are written or  verified by renowned physicians.


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