How To Apply A Highlighter Makeup?

We all are living in the 21st century where each one tries to give their best by learning personality traits, skills, and how to look attractive. Some of us have to do it because of its demands in the market and some do because they love to do it. But all we know is that somehow it becomes important in the current time. Especially for the ladies, makeup skills become crucial in all the fields. They usually apply makeup on their face to look more attractive and good. But makeup is not applied just to look beautiful but also to satisfy oneself. Women love to experiment with their looks and they love to use all brands available in the market to increase their charm. From foundation to brush size, and their favourite lipstick shades, females love to explore all. But for those who don’t have an idea of how to use it, it would be useless for them. Here I am teaching you where and how to use highlighter makeup. So that you can look more pretty and confident.

Highlighter Makeup

Why should you use Highlighter Makeup?

Basically, when you use makeup without knowing about its advantages, it keeps you satisfied and no more than it. But if you explore it then people will not only appreciate you, you will also feel confident and attractive among others. People give you first preference by your appearance. Therefore it helps you to highlight plus points of your face by using a makeup highlighter.

Where to Apply Highlighter Makeup?

Makeup Highlighter tips


You can apply some highlight to your cheekbone, on the top of the nose to make the face and nose look slim, below the eyebrows, chins, and Cupid’s bow. It is also important to know that each of us has a different face shape like Oval, Long, Round, Square, Heart, and Diamond. You can use a basic makeup highlighter for each face shape. It makes sense that which amount of makeup you put on your face. Because if you apply much than your need then it will look completely inappropriate.  You look more beautiful if it is applied in the right way.


  • Makeup highlighter makes us look pretty by giving our faces a slim appearance.
  • Focus on the area of the face where lights fall and perform the make-up to get the perfect look.

How to use highlighter makeup on your face?

You can use powder, cream, and stick form of make-up highlighter. Try to select two or three shades that are darker than your natural skin tone. It will help your face to look natural shadows when you are standing under the light. You shouldn’t highlight your big pores, fine lines, bumps, or scars. Where to highlight are following:-

Cheekbone – you don’t have to take a brush above the cheekbone because it will mess up your makeup. Put it precisely on your cheekbone and smile while doing it. Highlight to cheekbone makes it more effective when you smile. If you use a highlighter on the top of your cheekbone, it looks like a puffy face. So use it appropriately.

Nose – Highlight on the top or down the bridge of your nose. Which helps your nose look slim and sharp. If you put a highlighter on the tip of the nose it will give you a cute face.

Eyebrow – highlight makeup above and below the arch of your brow bone. It will help your eyebrows to look bigger. But if you apply a highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes, it makes your eyes open up.

Cupid’s Bow– Apply makeup above the Cupid’s bow. It will help you to draw attention towards your pout. And if your below lips seem small so you can apply a highlighter on the centre of the below lips.

Chin- If you highlight your chin. It will help you to look slimmer, plus and brighten your face.

Forehead– Highlights your above eyebrow widen the top of the face and make it heart-shaped. It removes the heaviness from the lower jaw.

Which and when to use Brush?

Highlighter Makeup

It is essential to know about the uses of a brush. Fan brushes are popular among all. Despite it, you have to apply makeup with a thin brush that is round and fluffy. Because it gives you a sharp face and a minimum amount of makeup. You can control it easily and make a natural face. But if you use a thick brush to highlight the high point of your face it will make a chunky look. And it spreads all over parts of your skin where you don’t need it. If you know how to use a fan brush then you can use it. But if you do not know then leave it because you see a clear line of shimmer on your face. By using a fan brush, make the highlight look fake.

People usually attempt many mistakes to follow a makeup tutorial by watching it. They just show how to follow the steps. The people who watch these think that they will look the same but it does not happen because, despite the same bone structure, highlighters depend on your needs. Some of us apply glitter to highlight it. It makes you have a dramatic face which looks okay for theme occasions. But it can create problems in your skin. This article will help you to understand the makeup highlighter benefits. We cannot deny the fact that the first impression we leave on people is the ultimate one and so, we should look pretty always.

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