How to gain weight fast?

People in all over the world are very conscious about their weight and fitness. Skinny people always feel embarrassed when people judge their fitness and questioned their health by seeing their weight. It makes them feel offended and embarrassed due to which their confidence and self-esteem decreases day by day. Maintaining weight is also important for our health as we all know — “Health is wealth”  as it lowers the risk of deadliest diseases. Gaining weight can be a difficult task and takes a lot of struggle.

Being underweight give rise to many problems. The main reason of underweight is malnutrition that is lack of nutrients in diet or due to genetic problems. Weighing too little can weakened immune system and bones. Person can check whether he /she is underweight or overweight by using BMI (body mass index) calculator. If body mass index is below 18.5 it indicates that person is underweight. BMI is calculated based on person’s weight and height. Person who is underweight is having risk of lower life span as they may suffer some serious diseases. That’s why, it is necessary for people or even recommended by doctor that people who are underweight need to gain weight as soon as possible as being underweight is a sign of an unhealthy person.
This article provides tips for gaining weight in a healthy and safely manner.

Weight gain

Different ways to achieve your weight gain goals :

(i) Through consuming multi-nutrient food.
(ii) By consuming supplements.
(iii) Regularly doing exercises.

Foods To Gain Weight Quickly


To make your weight gain efforts more effective ,you should eat nutritious that is high calorie food in your diet. At least, you have to take more calories than your maintenance calorie. Following are the food which are rich in nutrients for gaining weight : —


Milk is rich in fat, carbohydrates and proteins resulting in gain of weight. Besides that it is the main source of vitamins and minerals. Having milk in meals is also beneficial for growth of bones and muscles in human body. Since childhood, we all know about milk for its nutrients which contributes much in increasing the resistance power of the body.


Eggs are best source to gain weight as they contain proteins, vitamins and minerals. There are many ways to make an egg delicious by preparing omelette, after frying it. It encourages muscle development and provide strength to the body, one should choose low-calorie cooking method that is boiling or poached them .For making it more nutritious combine them with few vegetables.

Whole grain cereals

The best way to gain weight for vegetarians is to add cereals that is wheat, barley and oats in their meals. Taking cereals in breakfast leads to long live healthy life as it is packed with fiber, calcium and protein. Mixing dry fruits in a cereals makes a breakfast more delicious and nutritious while purchasing cereals one should take care that cereals does not contain excess sugar.

Potatoes and starch

Starch and potatoes are known for boosting muscle growth and weight gain as they add number of calories in a body. Because they help in increasing muscle’s glycogen store which leads to higher sugar and insulin levels. As a result insulin promotes fat synthesis. Potatoes are excellent source of vitamin c and potassium. Sweet potatoes also contain vitamins and it is also rich in iron.


They contain polyunsaturated fats which add calories to our diet. Nuts including almonds,  cashew, pecans, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are great source of calories. These nuts and nuts butter are perfect choice for a person who wants to gain the weight. One small handful of nuts increases your calories and is also rich in protein, fiber and fats.

Supplements for weight gain

Sometimes you will find it hard to follow high calorie diet it will eventually make you feel that weight is not gained alone by changing your diet only, in that case you also need to take supplements which help you to achieve your weight gain goals instead of searching high calorie food. With the intake of supplements one can gain weight easily without spending time in eating protein rich food each day. Another reason to shift our focus towards supplements is , as food, cereals, nuts, in total cost in going with these are so expensive which are not possible for common man to add them in the meals. Whereas, supplements are cost effective and easy method to gain weight in a healthy manner.

Few supplements which help in gaining weight are :

 1.Optimum Nutrition (ON) Serious Mass Weight Gain Powder

Weight gain supplements

(i) This is a Non Vegetarian Powder widely used in weight gaining.
(ii) It is available in 4 flavors vanilla, chocolate, banana and chocolate peanut butter.
(iii) Ingredients are creatine, glutamic acid and glutamine with 25 vitamins and essential minerals.
(iv) Best consumption between meals or before sleep.
(v) Provides 1250 calories per serving with protein and carbohydrate in ratio of 1:5.

2. BSN 1200 True Mass

bsn mass gainer - medicaddicted

(i)  True mass  is a Non-vegetarian mass gainer.
(ii) Available in 4 different flavors.
(iii) Can be used post work out or in between meals.
(iv) Provides average 1230 calories per serving with protein and carbohydrate in the ratio of 1:4. 

3. Asitis Nutrition AS-IT-IS Mass Gainer

(i) Widely used veg mass gainer.
(ii) Protein and carbohydrates packets are separately available in the ratio of 2:1.
(iii) This is different from other mass gainers as most of the gainers comes with fixed ratio of carb and protein. But in “asitis” gainer two different packs comes in a combo, a 100% carb and a 100% protein packs separately from which you can fix them according to the ratio you want.

Exercises for weight gain

Exercise helps person to gain weight and live a healthy life as it combats diseases and health conditions of a person. Exercising boost energy in body and provide peace to mind. It also makes an individual physically and mentally happy. Regular exercise can have many positive impact on person’s body and it’s proves very helpful for person in gaining weight. Following mentioned exercises helps in gaining weight.

1. Push-ups

push ups

2. Pull-ups

pull ups

3. Lunges

how to gain weight

4. Squats

squats for weight gain


The secret for gaining weight is you have to eat more calories instead of burning them. By taking rich nutritious food with adequate amount of supplement helps you to increase your weight. Also exercise is a best possible and healthier way to maintain our body and weight.

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