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If you are also suffering from dark circles your favourite question must be How to Remove Dark Circles? Dark circles as we all know are dark spherical spots beneath your eyes. They happen when the skin beneath the eyes appears darkened. Vitamin deficiencies, in particular Vitamin B12, E, K, D, E are chiefly responsible for dark circles. The hollowness or sunken look of the eyelids is the final primary reason behind dark circles.

Oversleeping, extreme fatigue, anemia, dehydration, smoking, thyroid conditions or simply staying up some hours past your normal bedtime can trigger dark circles. Lack of sleep or over-stress may cause your skin to appear pale and dull, ultimately getting the dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin or eye visible easily.

Some other causes are

  • exhaustion,
  • allergies,
  • eye rubbing or
  • excessive sun exposure
  • Eczema (skin allergy)
  • Heredity and
  • Pigmentation irregularities
  • Natural ageing process

When you get older, your body’s natural tendency is to lose fat and collagen and your skin typically thins.

The dark circles beneath the eyes are key pointer for a person to alter his or her lifestyle, especially the sleep habit and diet.

How To Remove Dark Circles? – Home Remedies


Dark circles can be managed through some straightforward home remedies, lifestyle changes, medications, and a balanced diet routine. If your concern is how to remove dark circles or how to get rid of dark circles and looking for tips and remedies then they are as under: 

  1. Cold Compress for Dark Circles
    A cold compress will facilitate a reduction in shrinking and swelling of dilated blood vessels. This can decrease the puffiness and facilitate eliminate dark circles. Use ice cubes in a cotton wrap and keep it beneath your eyes for 20 minutes. Repeat it till you feel better.
  1. Get Extra Sleep
    Sleeping on time is a must, as lack of sleep brings their appearance. Whenever our body doesn’t get enough relaxing sleep at night, our blood vessels dilate. Deprivation of sleep results in rising in the rate of blood flow, and since the skin near the area of the eyes is thinner, increased blood volume causes the darkish tone appearance of skin more noticeable. Our body requires a minimum of six to seven hours of quality sleep. Quality sleep alone for few months can reduce them.
  1. Apply Soaked Tea Bags
    Applying cold tea bags to the surrounding skin of the eyes is highly beneficial for the reduction of dark circles. The major contents of tea are caffeine and antioxidants, it stimulates blood circulation and reduces stress, and gives comfort. The effect of caffeine is found helpful in narrowing the blood vessels around your eye.
  1. Cucumber And Vitamin K
    When you apply a cucumber slice to the eye it pacifies the tired eyes and reduces inflammation. The high water and vitamin C content of it can moisturize the skin and make the tissue healthy and fades the dark circles. It also helps by tightening the skin and makes it soft and smooth. You can do it with 30 minutes of repetition.
    VITAMIN K also repairs damaged skin and heals skin injuries. Eating vitamin k on a daily basis, like having green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, cabbage, green turnips, lettuce and meat, fish, liver, eggs, and cereals will partially help in reducing dark circles.
  1. Gentle Cream Massage

The poor circulation around the eyes can bring dark circles, so massage the under eyes area through good creams, which will improve the circulation. Massaging leads fresh oxygen and nutrients to the cells of skin. Use fingers properly so that enough pressure built on the skin.

  1. Protection From Sun
    The Ultra Violet radiation can worsen dark circles in people. So, wearing UV protection sunglasses and sunscreen around the eyes helps to reduce dark circles and keep you away from heat. Products having zinc as minerals are a better option, as they are designed for sensitive skin and would not prick your eyes at the time of sweating.
  1. Stop Smoking / Reduce Alcohol
    Smoking and Alcohol consumption can speed up the ageing process of the body and may increase the risk of dark circles. The nicotine present in cigarettes can cause disruptions in sleep, resulting in dark circles. Alcohol intake is enough to break up normal sleep rhythms of the body and make it restless throughout the night so even after sleeping, you won’t get quality sleep. So, in order to have smooth and healthy skin, one should avoid them.
  1. Elevation
    At the time of sleeping, one should add extra pillows for the head this maintains the elevation of the head and chest which is highly significant in the reduction of inflation of fluid pooling in lower eyelids.
  1. Almond Oil and Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is helpful in fighting the effect of free radicals that are responsible for signs of aging like wrinkles. Almond oil proves to be very beneficial because of its high healing and nutritional value. A good remedy for dark circles is prepared when almond oil is used with vitamin E. This mixture makes your skin look younger and reduces irritation and inflammation. Massage before going to bed by this mixture of equal proportions of Vit E and Almond oil. In morning wash with cold water and daily repeat this till it disappears. 
  1. Skin Lightening Cream
    To lighten or enhance under-eye pigmentation, a skin lightening cream is often suggested by dermatologists which contain Kojic acid, azelaic acid, glycolic acid, tretinoin, or hydroquinone. These creams reduce the amount of skin pigmentation and reduce dark bags or under-eye circles and these are the potential creams that can end your queries like how to remove dark circles.
  1. Rose water for Dark Circles
    When it comes to rejuvenating and soothing the skin, one of the best remedies for dark circles is rose water. Rosewater is used for many years in the Indian ancient medicine system Ayurveda as a skin toner because of its mild, anti-allergic, and astringent properties.
  1. Healthy Diet And lifestyle
    Daily 8 hours sleep and one hour walk or any exercise can modify the adverse changes in your body. Exercising on daily basis enhances blood circulation, that delays skin aging, and keeps the stress away from you.
    Eat a healthy diet including lots of fruits and vegetables like watermelon, berries, cucumber, oranges, tomatoes, beetroot, guavas, and papaya. Dairy products are another option that you can include in your diet like milk is a great source of vitamin A which has retinoids pigment that is beneficial for keeping skin healthy and young. Having Dark Chocolates that are rich in substances like flavonol is efficient for protecting the skin against harmful UV radiation and hence slow down the aging process of the skin caused by exposure of the body to sunlight. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water will also keep your body hydrated and help you to reduce dark circles. A good amount of water intake eliminates the toxins from body and skin and also decreases the ratio of salt concentration in and around the skin of the eye.


Dark circles can affect anyone of any age for multiple reasons. If you are overweight then try to reduce your weight. Maintaining harmony in the sleep-wake schedule and practicing mind relaxing and pacifying activities before bedtime like reading, listening to music, etc. may improve sleep. Remove makeup correctly before sleeping. Wash your face daily before going to bed with warm water. Apply some refreshing cream before sleeping. Avoiding intake of alcohol and eating having meals before sleep, will also help.

The above home remedies, medical treatment, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with quality sleep, healthy diet, and hydration may all help prevent dark circles giving your face a rejuvenated look.

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