How to use Glucometer? – Glucometer Guide

Have you also failed to keep yourself away from type 1 or type 2 diabetes? No matter what but you need to know how to use glucometer. It is a home-based blood sugar monitoring device known as a glucometer. This device can help one to know about perfect blood sugar levels. One can check whether it’s high, low, etc.

What is a Glucometer?

How to use Glucometer

Umm! After getting this answer, you will never face blood sugar level issues. It is a portable type of device that can provide immediate feedback. It will help you know the exact blood sugar level. Isn’t it great?
A person who has diabetes should indeed diagnose it. Hence, one can easily control the sugar levels at home. It is much essential to know the perfect level of blood. After all, it’s the concern with your health. Right! Hence, it becomes crucial to know how to use glucometer well.

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About glucometer

Glucometers also recognize as glucose meters. It’s a highly sophisticated device to measure the sugar level in the blood. The device only needs a small drop of blood. Also, it small in size. Therefore glucometer gets the easily movable property.

You can indeed adjust it in your pockets. It can deliver great comfort for the users. Also, one can use it anywhere and anytime.

How to use Glucometer: Step by Step Guide 

Might you not tackle with a certified diabetes educator? Therefore your doctor might recommend you to use a glucometer daily. But how to use the glucometer? Did he describe it to you? If not, then follow down the steps as mentioned in this article.

Requirements to use a glucometer? 

  • Alcohol pre pad
  • Lancet
  • Test strip
  • Glucometer
  • Book to record the results

Instruction for using the glucometer 

  • Firstly, you need to gather and set the essentials mentioned above.
  • Wash your hands properly. It will avoid any infection. Suppose you don’t have a sink to clean your hands. In this case, use an alcohol swab.
  • Now run your hands closer to make your hands warmer. You can dry up your hands after soaking them in warm water. It will not allow any error in results.
  • Switch on the glucometer. You are following place the test strip inside it. Do it only after the machine gets ready. Watch for the indicator placed on the blood strips.
  • Make sure that you have dried your hands with a clean cloth. After this, go for the alcohol prep pad. Apply it to a specific area. Wait till the particular part having alcohol gets dry up.
  • Pierce the needle in between the fingertip and nail. Don’t make use of the pads to pierce. It’s because one might get more hurt. Also, the type of drop of blood depends upon the strip you use in the glucometer. Most people make use of handing drop. It will draw blood in the tube with capillary action.
  • Put the drop of blood on or at the sides of the strips.
  • Now your glucometer might take few seconds to calculate the blood sugar level. Consult with your doctor about the result you get in meter.
  • One can make use of an alcohol prep pad on the area. Do this process only if you still bleed from the pierced part. Alcohol prep pads will bloat down that area.
  • Do note your results correctly. Keeping a record for the glucometer will help you to know improvement with health. Right! Many glucometers can store the records.

Which are the common problems to avoid while using the glucometer? 

It is a necessary process to manage the glucose level. But one might encounter problems while using a glucometer. Therefore you can read some points here side.

  • Keep up with the batteries of the glucometer.
  • Checking the expiry date.
  • Close the lid tight after taking the test strip out of the glucometer.
  • Keep the glucometer clean after making the checkups in a day.

Who should use a glucometer? 

No matter which type of disease you face but you should know how to use the glucometer. It includes type 1, type 2 diabetes, LADA, gestational diabetes, and more.

There are multiple benefits to test the glucometer. It includes as follows:

  • Check the control over your blood sugar levels. Is it high or low?
  • Recognize the practice when you face a sudden spike in glucose. It will help one to circumvent such situations.
  • Check how the glucose level in your body responds after doing the workouts.
  • Also, check the level of glucose while experiencing stress.
  • Monitor down the effectiveness of the therapies and medication you take.
  • Tackle with the best method that will help one to get with specific goals.

One can get down with all such benefits only if one knows how to use the glucometer. One can know all further details step after step. So stay tuned, friends.

When do you need to test with a glucometer? 

Consult with a doctor for when and how often to use the glucometer—the frequencies of using a glucometer depending upon the severity of the disease.

Type 1 diabetes 

In general, are you facing type 1 diabetes? If yes, then you should check the diagnosis twice. Note the value of sugar before and after eating. Even one can have a test before and after eating and going to bed.

It’s because a person needs to access with their insulin levels. It will make one realize about getting their risk factors. Suppose you get weak in these conditions. Therefore one needs to check even more times. Even one needs to follow the schedule during nights also.

Type 2 diabetes 

This is the most common diabetes among all of its kinds. Are you suffering from this diabetes? If yes, then you can use a glucometer about two to four times a day. Also, this frequency depends upon external insulin intake or not.

Other short term Diabetes

Many times patient gets diabetic only for short period, for example, pregnant women are at high risk of getting gestational diabetes. So, they need to use this glucose monitoring device to check their fluctuating nature of glucose.


Listen! It is most important to know how to use the glucometer. One might feel shy to ask a doctor to use the glucometer. Don’t worry, friends. This article has given you step after step guidance. You can prefer to follow all of them without fail, and your job is done.

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