Medical equipment that you must keep at home

This covid pandemic has taught us many lessons including maintaining our good health which can be achieved by keeping close check to our day to day diseases with the help of these medical equipment, however we should also be ready to counter any emergency like corona virus pandemic. These 8 medical devices will help you immensely.


This is one of the most important medical devices as the primary symptoms of majority of the diseases is fever which can be identified accurately by measuring temperature through a thermometer. Using contactless and digital thermometers proves very useful as it limits the chance of transmission of infection.

Medical Equipment Thermometer

2. Glucometer

It is a digital device that measures blood sugar level. Researches suggests that most of adults from many modern countries are pre-diabetic and they don’t know it. Bad lifestyle and genetics are the primary influencial factor. Consequently this signifies the importance of glucometer in every home. Generally glucometers comes with strip in case you have used all strips, always use the same brand strip as your glucometer’s brand.

3. Pulse Oximeter

It is a device that accurately determines your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels), pulse rate and pulse strength within few seconds and display it conveniently on a digital LED display.
This device is highly recommended to covid patients as well as who are suffering from any respiratory disorders. It keeps updating about oxygen level in body.

Medical Equipment oximeter

4. Weighing Machine

This equipment is very common these days. Either you are a gym addict, fitness freak or suffering from any disease it is equally important to keep check on your weight changes. Weighing machine is also very popular among people who want to either loose or gain their weight.

Medical Equipment Weighing machine

5. BP Monitor (Sphygmomanometer)

This device is used to measure blood pressure. Sphygmomanometer are of various types likes aneroid, mercury and digital sphygmomanometer. If you are not professional and want accurate readings then you should go with digital bp monitors as they don’t need any professional skills to operate them.

Medical Equipment sphygmomanometer

6. Steam Inhalers

Steam inhalers are used for inhalation of water vapour from them using controlled temperature which is also known as steam therapy and is beneficial in cold, cough and sinuses. Some liquid herbs can be added to it as suggested by physician for better results.

Medical Equipment Steam inhaler

7. First Aid Kit

Every home should have fully equipped first aid kit to deal with emergency. Not only in home but you have to keep this kit in your car and office also to counter minor accidents and injuries. Your first aid kit should contain all kind of bandages, iodine pads, burn gel, trauma scissor, gauze pads, antiseptic towelette, etc.

Medical Equipment First aid kit

8. Handy oxygen cans

At last we have oxygen cans that helps to restore oxygen levels and improve body function to normal for all who require oxygen. At the same time this device also shows usefulness for sports recovery, breathlessness due to respiratory, pollution, and altitude. Either you are suffering from lung or respiratory disorders such as asthma, COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) keeping oxygen cylinders or cans will help you in emergency to recover from breathlessness and suffocation caused by pollution, smoking, stale air, poorly ventilated rooms, high altitude .It will increase the oxygen level in your body and helps the body to recover and recharge by synchronising with brain.

Medical Equipment Oxygen cylinder

9. Helmet

Although, this tool or gear might sound irrelevant in this list of daily used medical equipment. But the fact is this is the most important equipment out of all listed above. In India, six two-wheelers riders die every hour in road accidents due to the non-wearing of helmets. Strong helmets protect a rider from traumatic injuries to the head and brain which can become fatal in its absence.

10. Posture Corrector

This tool must be there in every home as back pain is too common these days. Interaction with laptop screen or using mobile continuously results in the wrong posture of back and spine which can be easily corrected by this posture corrector.

This posture corrector can also be used during exercise or office work. In the covid pandemic when the whole digital industry is practicing work from home then the need for this tool becomes essential. 

Posture corrector


Many more medical equipment can be added in the list like nebulizer who are suffering from asthma and related ailments. So extra devices are only needed if you are suffering from a particular disease but the 8 medical devices that are mentioned above are must in every home.

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